Rhode Island Postal Cards - Fist Day of Issue

Settling of Rhode Island by Roger Williams in 1636
Designed by David Blossom - Scott #UX112
Issued on June 26, 1986 in Providence, RI
Rhode Island Town Cancels (by RIPS)

Groton, Connecticut (Submarine - USS Providence)

The Post Office at Groton, (New London County), Connecticut was established in 1812 and is currently open. This is the only First Day cancel for the 94 card set of the "Settling of Rhode Island" postal cards that was canceled out of state. The Nuclear Fast Attack submarine "Providence" had been commissioned just one year prior in Groton. The ship's logo is included as a cachet on this card.

The USS Providence (SSN-719) was the fourth U.S. Naval ship to bear the name. The First Providence was a sloop originally named Katy under the command of John Hazard and later John Paul Jones during the Revolutionary War. The Second Providence was a frigate built in 1776 and the Third Providence was a Cleveland Class Light Cruiser commissioned in 1945 and later converted to launch missiles in 1957 (CL-82, CLG-6)

The keel of USS Providence (SSN-719) was laid down by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corporation in Groton, Connecticut on October 14, 1982. The Ship was sponsored by Mrs. William F. Smith and launched on August 4, 1984. Providence was commissioned on July 27, 1985 with Captain E. Morrow in command.

USS Providence marked a shift in the design of the SSN-688 class submarine. Providence was the first 688 class submarine with the capability of vertically launching Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. The ship contained twelve vertical launch tubes forward of the mast. Sensors and fire control were also improved. Unofficially; boats of this specification are referred to as the "Providence" class.

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