Rhode Island Postal Cards - Fist Day of Issue

Settling of Rhode Island by Roger Williams in 1636
Designed by David Blossom - Scott #UX112
Issued on June 26, 1986 in Providence, RI
Rhode Island Town Cancels (by RIPS)

Conimicut Station, (Warwick) Rhode Island 02889

The Conimicut Post Office, (Warwick Township - Kent County) was established on February 27, 1906 under Postmaster Anthony F. Talty. The Post Office was disestablished on June 30, 1949 and became a station of the Warwick Post Office on July 1, 1949. The Conimicut Station is currently in operation.

One of Rhode Island's famous old lighthouses is located on Conimicut Point at the entrance to the Providence River. The lighthouse was constructed in 1878 to aid mariners in navigating the dangerous waters between Rocky Point and Bristol. The Conimicut Lighthouse was the last lighthouse in the country to use a kerosene lamp. It finally received an electric light in 1960.

The original settlement of Shawomet in 1643 by Samuel Gorton and his followers was on Mill Creek which is located just south of Conimicut Point. After an invasion by the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the subsequent capture and trial of Gorton and his men; they were banished from the colony. Gorton moved to Aquidneck Island (Newport) in late 1643, which was outside of Massachusetts control. Gorton then traveled to England in 1644 and with the help of the Earl of Warwick regained the Shawomet Purchase land from Massachusetts. Gorton renamed the town Warwick in honor of the Earl who had helped restore his lands and after returning to the colony; Gorton moved the settlement to an area near Warwick Neck Cove.

One of the more interesting homes in the Warwick area is the Moses Greene Home at 11 Economy Drive. The home although privately owned has been restored to it's 1750 appearance. The home which was originally owned by the Greene and Lippitt families is strongly linked to the Triangular (Slave) Trade and is on the National Historic Register.

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Conimicut Station (Warwick) Post Office

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