Rhode Island Postal Cards - Fist Day of Issue

Settling of Rhode Island by Roger Williams in 1636
Designed by David Blossom - Scott #UX112
Issued on June 26, 1986 in Providence, RI
Rhode Island Town Cancels (by RIPS)

Charlestown (2nd), Rhode Island 02813

The first Charlestown Post Office, (Charlestown Township, Washington County) was established on December 26, 1801 under Postmaster Joseph Stanton. This post office was closed sometime in 1821 and was reestablished on June 11, 1825 under Postmaster Welcome A. Hoxey. The post office is currently in operation under Officer-in-Charge Thomas Gilligan appointed on October 25, 2006.

The first settlers arrived in Charlestown around 1660 and in the early 1700's several large plantations were established in the area. The town was officially incorporated on August 22, 1738 and was named after King Charles II. The town originally included what is now the town of Richmond, which was incorporated as a separate town on August 18, 1747. Charleston Township is the home to several mill villages including  Shannock, Carolina Mills and Kenyon

The World War II Naval Air Station at Charlestown was donated to the town in 1974, however it was closed down long before then. I remember going to the "Drag Races" at the air strip back in 1962 and 1963. The races included everything from "Funny Cars" to "Sling Shot Dragsters." Several major car dealers raced there, including Tasca Ford of East Providence.

What brings this to mind for me is that in October of 1963, I was attending Bryant College in Providence and one Sunday Morning, I decided I wanted to go down to "Charley Town" for the drags. Well, I was still living at home and my father told me that I wasn't going anywhere until I finished my homework. (Somehow, he always knew when I hadn't finished it.) Of course, being the 18 year old smart-aleck, know-it-all, that I was; I popped a sassy remark off concerning my status as a "fully grown college student" who could do what he wanted to without any input from the "old man." His reply, (something that more parents today would be advised to use) was, "As long as you are living under this roof and in my home, you will follow my rules."

The upshot of all this, (not having the sense I was born with in those days) was that two days later to prove that I was independent of my father's authority, I became a member of the United States Navy and that is the true story of how I became a sailor in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club.

SEE: The Hazard Family Letters for further information and background history of Carolina and Richmond.

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