Rhode Island Stampless Covers & Letters
May 7, 1849 Cover from Lansingburgh, New York
to Matthew Weicte in South Kingstown, RI
New York CDS and Paid 5 Marking in Blue

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     Pre-Paid 5 Cent Rate for Under 300 Miles (140 Miles as the Crow Flies)

Lansingburgh was the first chartered village in Rensselaer County, New York. The village was incorporated into the city of Troy, NY in 1900.

The original village of King's Town was incorporated in 1674 and included the present towns of South Kingstown, North Kingstown and Narragansett. The Great Swamp in South Kingstown was the site of the bloodiest battle fought during King Phillip's War,  (December 19, 1675). The power of the Narragansett Indians was forever broken by a combined force of colonial soldiers and Mohegan Indians.  Over 1000 Narragansett men, women and children were killed and the battle is remembered today as The Great Swamp Massacre

The letter from Andrew Loblet (or Lollet) is requesting proof of the identity of a Revolutionary War Widow so that she may collect the pension due from her late husband.

The complete text of the letter follows below:

                            Lansingburgh 7th  May 1849

Dear Sir
            The reason I did not answer yours of the 24th January 1848 that the prospect was that it would be allowed but they have pressed a new objection which I enclose you - which is to identify the widow as the wife of Capt. Christopher Gardner Jr of the town of Kingston, Kent County, Rhode Island - belonging to Colonel Jovis Regiment of Kings and Kent County and that he marched to Boston under said Colonel Jovis. Sir, can you obtain Mr. Champlin's evidence as above or any other person - the main point is to identify now as Capt. Gardiner's widow of Jovis regiment of Kings and Kent County to Boston in 75.

                                                           Yours Respectfully,

                                                           Andrew Loblet (or Lollet)

If you can obtain the required evidence and let me no, I will send  you $10 and if I obtain the pension, I will send you $10 more. The widow states she was married in 1780 by George Pearce Esq and remembers that an John Whaly and Olney Brunnels was present at her marriage, perhaps they may be living - Let me have an answer soon as possible.

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