Rhode Island Stampless Covers & Letters
March 30, 1839 Cover with Red Providence CDS & 1 Cent Drop Rate
From Samuel P. Mason to Waterman & Burgess
"Mason's Patent Cylindrical Flyer for Spinning Cotton"

See: The 1839 William Allen Letter for History of Drop Letters

The letter above contains a very early printed and illustrated advertisement. Since it is addressed to a specific addressee; it would not have been considered a circular, which were defined as a printed notice intended for mass distribution. This letter was sealed, dropped at the Providence, Post Office and charged at the 1 cent Drop Rate for mail dropped and picked up at the same Post Office.

The advertisement states that 1500 of these improved flyers are in use by the Coddington Manufacturing Company of Newport, Rhode Island and that a further 1500 will be added in a few days. The ad gives a few more technical details and then lists the two company agents; Samuel P. Mason at Newport and Charles Dyer at Providence as contacts. 

Two of the Cylindrical Flyers are illustrated at either side of the letter. The rest of the letter contains endorsements from various officials of the Coddington Manufacturing Company, Providence Machine Company and others.

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