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1847 Letter to Sons R & J Adams from their Mother in Pawtucket
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NOTE: Even though the letter Salutation refers to R & J Adams as "Dear Brothers, the letter is signed Mom Adams, and is apparently from their mother.

The letter requests a sum of money from her two sons that evidently they have in trust from their parents or had previously borrowed from them.

Dear Brothers,

Father and I are talking of buying a place here and if we do, could you raise the money we have in your hands without embarrassing yourselves?

The place is the one I spoke of when at Fall River to father, he thought there was only 2 or 3 acres, but there is ten acres, of which about half is cultivated, the other half young wood. It is beautifully situated.

It belongs to Wm Warburton; Charles knows where it is. Mr. Thornton is doing the business for us, he had advertised it for sale on acct of a claim he has on it. the savings bank has a thousand dollars on it that can lay. The man wants about what it cost him, which he says is $2500.00. I think it's a bargain, but money is so close. We don't know as we shall be able to raise any. Father thought he might get some out of the savings bank on his prospects and let them take my claim on it, but they are short and I don't think we will get it.

                                                               Yours in haste
                                                               Mom? Adams

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