Rhode Island Postal Stationery - Stamped Envelopes
First Day Covers - America's Cup Race
Issued September 15, 1980 in Newport, Rhode Island - Scott #U598 

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Cachet by GAMM
Ultimate Sailing Competition

Hogg Cachet
Hundred Guinea Cup

KMC Venture Cachet

Ross Silver Foil Cachet

Ted Turner
Skipper of Courageous
Winner of 77 Cup
Cachet by Shecky

Western Heritage Cachet

First Day Cancel with
Second Day cancel
at America's Cup Station

Freedom - USA
Dennis Conner - Skipper
1980 Champion
Winner - 4 races to 1

Skipper Jim Hardy
Won 1 race of 5

Courageous - USA
Eliminated in Trials
Skipper Ted Turner
Winner of 1977 Cup

Clipper - USA
Skipper Russell Long
Eliminated in Trials

Lionheart - Great Britain
Skipper John Oakeley
Eliminated in Trials

France 3
Skipper Bruno Trouble'
Eliminated in Trials

Sverige - Sweden
Skipper Pelle Petterson
Eliminated in Trials


Preliminary Trials
Showing 4 Cup Racers

QCR Add-On Cachet
Betty Boop & Popeye
Titanic Scene

Part I          Part II

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