Postal Stationary - Embossed Envelopes and Cards
1873 Stamped Envelope with 3 Cent Scott #U84
Sent from Davis & Pitman Concerning a Land Transaction

The Letter refers to Lot #745. It appears that there is some confusion as to which lot  is referred to by the lot number. The letter mentions a fee of $100 and asks the new owner of the  lot to send his deed to the Jamestown, RI town clerk. This seems very high for a registration fee and I assume that it also includes surveying and clearing the title. The letter is signed by S. D. Davis.

I located a reference to this company in a court case; "Olney vs. The Conanicut Land Company," 18A 181 (R.I. 1889), which refers to a solvency hearing. The court rendered the decision that, "where the corporation becomes insolvent,...directors should be regarded as trustees of the creditors to whom the property of the corporation must go." Judging from this proceeding; it appears that this company became bankrupt and it's assets were sold off. 

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