Postal Stationary - Embossed Envelopes and Cards
     Fifth USPS Issued Postal Card - 1886-90 - Scott #UX9
Providence Duplex with Letter "C"
To George A. Kilton Agent for Winsor's line at India Wharf Providence
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Request for Rate Information from James G. Laycock who has the
name of the Steamship Line wrong as it is actually Winsor's Line.

George Arnold Kilton was the Agent for Winsor's Line, which handled freight only between Providence, Rhode Island and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Line sailed twice weekly from Ives Wharf on India Street. Census records show that George A. Kilton was born in on December 28, 1840 and was a resident of Ward 5 in Providence, RI. The record also indicates that he married Edna Burke on  June 10, 1867. George Kilton died on April 2, 1905.

There is no James Laycock listed for Rhode Island, however there is a James Laycock listed for Philadelphia; born in 1848 who could be the sender of this postal card.

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