Postal Stationary - Embossed Envelopes and Cards
  USPS Postal Card - Issued 1886 - Scott #UX9
with Hope Valley, R.I. Circular Date Stamp (CDS)
To Messrs Nickerson & Baxter - Boston, Massachusetts
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The Postal Card, (Penny Post Card) was sent on November 7, 1887 from Hope Valley to Nickerson and Baxter in Boston, Massachusetts and concerns a machinery break-down at a mill in the Hope Valley area and also talks about the status of three of the machinists - L. Edwards, J. R. Edwards and Hopair.

Cotton manufacturing began in the Hope Valley around 1806-1807. The Centerville Cotton Mill was built in 1865 in Hopkinton, (Hope Valley) by the Rockville Manufacturing Company. The Arnold Mill, another mill in the area is no longer in existance. Nichols and Langworthy Machine Company established in 1860 was also in Hopkinton. It is impossible to tell from the note whether the writer is referring to a textile mill or machinery plant, but it is probable that the text is referring to one or the other of these three companies.

The Hope Valley Post Office, (Hopkinton Township, Washington County) was established on May 2, 1864 and the first Postmaster was John G. Arnold. This Post Office is still in operation.

The full text of the card is reproduced below:


Hope Valley 11/7 1887
Gents:  Mr. L. Edwards is still on
account of break down so we can run
but little but think can get off a few
of the 18's this week. Will do best we
can. J. R. Edwards has not been doing
anything since he stopped work for us.
He has been putting in new machinery
 - better frames but geared spreaders so
he thinks he can do better work. Hopair
has also been still since he stopped
work for us.

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