Postal Stationary - Postal Cards
Battle of Eutaw Springs
Issued September 8, 1981 Scott #UX90
Fleetwood Cachet

The Battle of Eutaw Springs was fought on September 8th & 9th, in 1781 near Charleston, South Carolina during the Revolutionary War. The battle was fought between the American forces under General Nathanael Green of Rhode Island and British troops under Colonel Alexander Stewart.

Greene wished to prevent Stewart from joining General Cornwallis forces and aiding in a possible retreat south from Yorktown. The American troops under Greene numbered about 2000 and the British troop strength was slightly higher. The Americans were a ragtag group of mostly barefoot, irregulars and in the early fighting on September 8th, the British were more successful, however the plucky American's under Greene continued to force the fight and on September 9th they forced the British to retreat. Stewart withdrew his forces to Charleston where they remained, an ineffective resource, until the end of the war.

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