Rhode Island Tercentenary Issue First Day Cover
300th Anniversary of the Settlement of Rhode Island
Issued on May 4, 1936 in Providence, RI - Scott #777

ACE Artist - Hand Painted - Planty #113
(Possibly 1 of a kind)

ACE stands for "Art Cover Exchange"
Hand painted Color Cachets made their appearance on First Day Covers during the early 1930s. The early artists of the period formed a "hand-drawn/hand-painted collector club" in January 1935 named the Art Cover Exchange (ACE). During Its heyday; ACE boasted over 400 members and many well known Cachet Artists got their start as ACE artists including Gladys Adler, Walter Czubay and Marion Smith

The addressee Victor H. Van Horn was ACE#2. He co-founded ACE along with Leonard Turley. There is a second Cover in the collection also addressed to Van Horn from ACE#16 (Elton Mancell). There was no number apparent on this cover and the artist is unknown.

SEE ALSO: Elton Mancell Tercentenary Cover of Haliburton House

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