Rhode Island Tercentenary Issue First Day Cover
300th Anniversary of the Settlement of Rhode Island
Issued on May 4, 1936 in Providence, RI - Scott #777

Unofficial Town Cancel - Ashton, RI (DPO)
Unknown Cachet Maker - Planty #33

Ashton was originally a mill village located in Cumberland, Rhode Island on the Blackstone River. The Lonsdale Company owned by Brown and Ives of Providence built a large mill complex there in 1847. The mill has long since been abandoned, however the buildings and other structures can still be viewed along route 122 near the old Providence and Worcester Railroad tracks.  The Ashton Post Office (Cumberland Township, Providence County) was established on July 23, 1866 under Postmaster Charles A. Capwell. The Post Office was disestablished on July 2, 1965.

Source: Rhode Island Postal History: The Post Offices - Merolla, Jackson & Crowther

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