The Towns & Post Offices of Rhode Island
1862 Mohegan, RI - Patriotic Cover with "MISSENT" Marking
Very Rare Town Cancellation (Rarity Factor of 8)
(Name changed to Nasonville, Rhode Island in 1886)

The Cover above was marked "MISSENT" by the Springfield, MA Post Office. the sender had included Indian Orchard above Springfield. the cover should have been addressed to Indian Orchard, MA only as the town had it's own post office in 1862 founded in 1854 under Postmaster Elisha A. Fuller. Although this cover is a little worn and ragged it is still an exceptional cover due to the rare town cancel, stamp issue and patriotic cachet.

The Mohegan Post Office, (Burrillville Township - Providence County) was established on June 20, 1856 under Postmaster Francis Callahan. The Post Office was disestablished on October 25, 1886 and relocated to Nasonville where it became the Second Nasonville Post Office. Mohegan town cancels are rare and finding one on a patriotic cover was an additional bonus and a real treasure. The stamp is the 3 cent Rose Pink issue of August 1861 (Scott Nr. 64b) and is valued at $240 on a patriotic cover. The pen cancel does detract from the value as it becomes difficult to determine if it is an authentic usage; in addition the lower left corner of the stamp is torn.

The First Nasonville Post Office was established on February 8, 1849 under Postmaster Seth Wheelock and was disestablished on April 18, 1855. The Second Nasonville Post Office (formerly Mohegan) was disestablished on February 29, 1944 and mail is currently handled by the Woonsocket Post Office.

Nasonville is located in the heart of the Blackstone River Valley on the Branch River and was founded as a mill village. The Blackstone River area contained the vast majority of Rhode Island's textile mills during the Industrial Revolution. It was in this area that Samuel Slater, constructed the largest textile mill in the country on the Branch River in what became the mill village of Slatersville in Smithfield Township.

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