The Towns & Post Offices of Rhode Island
1915 Melville Branch, (DPO) Newport, RI

Naval Guard - USS Constellation Postcard

The Melville Branch Post Office of Newport, (Newport Township - Newport County) was established on September 19, 1908. The Branch Post Office was disestablished on June 30, 1916. The post office was originally established as Melville Rural Station on July 1, 1901, became Melville Station on July 1, 1904 and Melville Branch on September 19, 1908.

The USS Constellation was constructed as a Sloop of War in 1853. There is still some controversy over whether the USS Constellation is the original frigate built in 1797 and extensively rebuilt and restored in 1853 or constructed as a completely new ship from the keel up. Two books have been published representing both sides of the argument and are for sale on the USS Constellation Website.

View: 1871 Providence to Halifax Cover for further information and history of  USS Constellation.

The Post Card  is addressed to Mrs. Dexter Wilbar  in Brockton Massachusetts and Reads:

It is very interesting to
watch these sailors. We
are having a fine time

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