The Towns & Post Offices of Rhode Island
Abbot Run 1884 to 1924 DPO - 1916 Christmas Postcard

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The Abbot Run Post Office, (Cumberland Township, Providence County) was established on December 22, 1884 under Postmaster Halsey C. Rawson. The post office was disestablished on May 31, 1924 and mail was then sent to the Arnold Mills Post Office. The Arnold Mills Post Office was disestablished on October 31, 1927 and mail service for the area then moved to the Valley Falls Branch of the Pawtucket Post Office. The Valley Falls Post Office became a branch of the Pawtucket Post Office on October 31, 1908 and in 1942 it combined with the Lonsdale Branch to become the Valley Falls-Lonsdale Branch of Pawtucket.
The PostCard Note reads as follows:
Dear Maud: Such a pretty pretty card came from you
this morning, and I am so glad you let me know where
you are for I had a card all chosen for you but didn't
know where to send it. I had not heard from you before this
year and had wondered if you ever received the letter I
sent you last winter after  Christmas. Mr. Artha is spend-
ing Christmas Albany with Caleb's folks. This is Prudence's
last year in Grammar School. Can you believe it? Merry
Christmas to you.    Love,   Dec 22, 1916  Laura W. F.

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