The Towns & Post Offices of Rhode Island
December 14, 1907-16 Rockland DPO Cancel
Corner Card from the Office of W. H. Congdon, Providence, RI

The above cover was posted from Rockland, RI on December 14th. I believe that what appears to be a '94' year date, is actually a poor impression of a time stamp, (The 2-cent Washington - Carmine on Blue - die 1- Scott #414 was not issued until 1907.)

The Rockland Post Office, (Scituate Township, Providence County) was established on July 15, 1853 under Postmaster Oscar Angell. It was disestablished on September 30, 1923 and mail services moved to the (2nd) Clayville Post Office. Prior to July 15, 1853 the Post Office was known as the (1st) Clayville Post Office established on March 6, 1848 under Postmaster David Phillips. There are no known covers in existence from the 1st Clayville P.O. The (2nd) Clayville Post Office was established on February 26, 1902 under Postmaster Brayton A. Round and is currently in operation.

Postmaster Oscar Angell was born in North Scituate, RI in 1826. He is listed as a merchant on the 1850, 1860 and 1870 Scituate Census records.

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