The Towns & Post Offices of Rhode Island
Coventry Centre (2nd), RI - March 20, 1883
Dead Post Office
(DPO) - 1869-1887 & 1951-1964

The Coventry Centre Post Office, (Coventry Township, Kent County) was established on December 16, 1851 under Postmaster Henry S. Vaughn. The first Coventry Centre Post Office was disestablished on January 6, 1853. The post office was reestablished as the Nipmuc Post Office on March 25, 1868 under Postmaster Charles Vars. On August 9, 1869 the name was changed back to Coventry Centre (2nd). The cover above was sent during the period that the second Coventry Centre Post Office was in operation. The name was changed to Coventry on February 17, 1887 and back again to Coventry Centre on November 1, 1951. The post office was disestablished for the last time on September 30, 1964 and now operates as a station of the Coventry Post Office, (1st).

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