The Towns & Post Offices of Rhode Island
January 1, 1909 Enfield Town Cancel - DPO 1881-1909
New Year's Card to Miss E. F. Smith in Greenville, RI

The New Year's Postcard above was posted from Enfield, RI on January 1, 1909. The Enfield Post Office, (Smithfield Township, Providence County) was established on January 17, 1881 under Postmaster Ira B. Sweet. It was disestablished on October 15, 1909 and the name changed to Esmond. The Esmond Post Office was disestablished on August 31, 1955 and became a branch of the Providence Post Office.

Postmaster Ira B. Sweet was born in Smithfield Township in 1848. He is listed as a storekeeper on the 1880 census. He was married to Almira T. Sweet and they had two children; Clara and Carlton.

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