The Towns & Post Offices of Rhode Island
Dead Post Office - Fort Greble Town Cancel 1910-1922
Christmas Postcard dated December 24, 1913
(Both Reverse and Face Shown Below)

The Fort Greeble Post Office, (Jamestown Township, Newport County) was established on March 8, 1910 under Postmaster John A. Patterson. The post office was disestablished on May 15, 1922.

Fort Greeble was originally constructed in 1898 during the Spanish American war on Dutch Island. It fell into disuse after World War I, but was briefly resurrected during World War II. After the second World War it was abandoned and all that remains are the cement gun emplacements and underground bunkers. Dutch Island is located in Narragansett Bay to the west of Jamestown (or Conanicut Island); just south of the Jamestown Bridge.

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