Stamp Issues & Covers 1846 to 1900
April 12, 1868-69 Providence CDS and Killer on F-Grill 3 Cent Issue
To William N. Potter Esq in Suffield, Connecticut

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F-Grill Stamp Scott 94a
9mm x 13mm 11x16 Points

Grilled Stamps were first issued in August 1867 with the National Bank Note Company's reissue of the 1861-66 issues. They were produced in several different sizes. The purpose of the grill was to break the fibers of the stamp paper, thereby preventing the reuse of the stamps by washing off the ink, a common practice of the times.  The grills consisted of small pyramidal shaped points in parallel rows. The A, B and C grills were produced with points up and the D, Z, E, and F with points down. The example shown at the left is a 3 cent Washington, Scott Catalog number 94a Rose with an F Grill measuring 9mm horizontally and 13mm vertically. The F grills contained 11 to 12 points horizontally and 15 to 16 points vertically. This particular example has 11 points in the horizontal rows and 16 points in the vertical rows. The points can be clearly seen beneath the killer cancel. Grills were also used on the 1869 issues - Scott #s 112 to 122 and the 1871 issues - Scott #'s 134 to 144.  The Continental Banknote Company's 1873 reissue of the 1870-71 stamps and the 1875 reissue of the 2 and 5 cent values were printed with and without grills.

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