The Towns & Post Offices of Rhode Island
Richmond Switch with June 9, 1868-69 Fancy Cancel (Rosette)
With a fine example of a Grilled Stamp Scott #94a

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The above cover has a very nice example of a Rosette Fancy Cancel. The cover is doubly interesting because of the grilled stamp in use. The stamp is the 3 Cent (Rose) Washington - Scott number 94a with the F grill (9x13 mm) and was produced by the National Bank Note Company from 1867 to 1870.

The purpose of the grilling on this and other stamp issues between 1867 and 1870 was to break the fiber of the paper so that the ink from the cancel would soak into the stamp paper and prevent its reuse. (It was a common practice of the time to wash the cancel from used stamps and then reuse them.)

The Richmond Switch Post Office (Charlestown Township, Washington County) was established on January 25, 1870 under Postmaster George N. Ennis. The post office was disestablished on June 14, 1889 and the name changed to Wood River Junction.

Noyes Wells Kenyon was born in 1808. He was married to Eunice Wheeler on May 16, 1841.

SEE ALSO: 1868-69 William Potter Cover for further information on the National Bank Note Company's Grilled Stamp Issues. (Includes a Blow-Up image of the stamp)

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