Rhode Island Around the World - International Mail
March 15, 1944 Censored Air Mail Cover from Göteborg, Sweden
Via London to Mrs. Anna Berkander - Providence, Rhode Island

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Reverse of Cover below showing
"Examined By" on label

This cover was sent airmail, (Luftpost) from Göteborg, Sweden, censored in England, (Note the Censor tape, "Via England" rubber stamp and censor number - 63131) and received at Providence, Rhode Island. The cover contains two Göteborg cancels tying three 60 Krona - 1939-42 Swedish Definitives (Michel Catalog #265) to the cover. I don't know what the value of the Krona was in 1944, but currently the going rate is 7.5 Krona to the U. S. dollar.

During World War II, (also applies to other wars), any mail that traveled outside of a country that was at war had to be read and approved by censors. Although Sweden was officially neutral; mail to the United States had to pass through Great Britain, (which was at war)

During World War II, Sweden was ostensibly neutral, however, due to it's strategic location between German occupied Norway and Denmark and Russian threatened Finland; Sweden was forced to accede to German demands for rail transportation through the country and make other concessions. Almost half of her merchant fleet (over 600,000 tons) was unable to return due to the Allied blockade and was leased to Great Britain and the United States. In order to survive, Sweden was forced to import goods and services from and through Germany. I also noted that Russia, which was at war with Finland had mistakenly bombed Stockholm on February 22, 1944, less than a month before this letter was sent.

The City of Göteborg also spelled Gothenburg is the main seaport and second largest city in Sweden. It lies on the southwest coast about 240 miles southwest of Stockholm. The city was founded by King Charles IX in 1603. The Volvo Factory is located on Hisingen Island in the northern party of the city. The city is connected to Stockholm by the Gotta Canal.

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