Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1901 to 1950

Part I      Part II

1931 Letter from Providence, RI
To Edgewood, RI with Bi-Sect

1935 Special Delivery
Providence, to Poughkeepsie
3c & 10c Farley Imperforates
With 3 Different RPO
Cancels on Reverse

Tin Can Mail-Niuafoou, Tonga
to George S. Champlin
in Providence, Rhode Island
W/ 6 Queen Salote Definitives
Signed by the Tin-Can Man
Walter George Quensell


Tin Can Mail 1938
W/ Queen Salote 71/2P
& Breadfruit 6P issues
Tin Can Markings - Both Sides


March 15, 1944 Censored Letter
From Göteborg, Sweden
Via Airmail through England
to Providence, Rhode Island

1946 Tsingtao, China
To RI Hospital Trust Co
Providence, Rhode Island
Executive Order 8389

Part I      Part II

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