Rhode Island Postal History - Cinderella Stamp Issues & Covers

1908 Christmas Seal
on 1909 Postcard
with History

1911 Christmas Seal

1920 Christmas Seal

World War I - Cinderella
RI Peace Stamp

EKKO Radio Stamp
WJAR Providence, RI
Circa 1924-1931

Cinderella Poster Stamp
RI Tercentenary
Celebration of 1936

1936 RI Souvenir Stamp
Cinderella Issue (Mint)
Tercentenary Celebration

Department of
Business Regulation
Registry No 17 (Mint)

There are several different types of Cinderella stamps. Cinderellas are postally invalid adhesive labels, usually sold to raise money for various charities or for promotional purposes. Christmas Seals are an example of a Cinderella stamp. Illustrated above with links to the full size images are six different types of Cinderella stamps.

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