Rhode Island Around the World - International Covers
1922 Moscow, Russia to Providence, RI
Russian Inflationary Period 1921-1924
Franked with a Strip of Five 1000 Ruble Stamps

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The cover above was sent on July 23, 1922 from "La Febronnerie Bouillonnaise" to Providence, Rhode Island. (I couldn't make out the addressee's name.) It is evident from the face of this corner card that the company home is in Bouillon, Belgium. (SEE: Full Size Face of Card) The addressee is possibly the company's agent in Providence.

The strip of five stamps are the 1921 imperforate 1000 ruble carmine "Symbols of Industry" issue (Scott #186). These stamps were issued during the Russian Hyper-inflationary period of 1921 to 1924 during which time the rate of inflation was over 212% monthly. The stamps were placed on the reverse of the cover rather than the face.

The high inflation rates of this period were a result of World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the internal struggle between the White Russians and Red Russians for control of the country. The Communists (Red Russians) had defeated the White Russians by 1921.

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