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1913 German Postcard
Norddeutscher Lloyd
To Pawtucket, RI 
 Deutsche (German) SEEPOST

1915 US Postal Agency
Shanghai, China
Sent via Nagasaki
To Providence, RI

1921 Italy to Cranston, RI
Marked 12c postage due

1922 Moscow to Providence
Russian Inflationary Period
Five 1000 Ruble Stamps

1922 Geneva, Switzerland
Sent to Elizabeth M. Chase
in Providence, RI

1923 Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Registered to Providence
The Marblo Co., Inc

1924 Colombo, Ceylon
Picture of the ancient city
of Anuradhapura, Ceylon
sent to Pawtucket, RI

Hoey's Bridge, Kenya
1926 - To Providence, RI
4 Cents Postage Due

1926 Packet Boat Mail
Australia to Oaklawn, RI
Via Honolulu, Hawaii
King George V - Scott #72a

1929 flown Graf Zeppelin
Friedrichshafen, Germany
Aborted Flight in France
May 15-Aug 5, 1929

1928-30 Dutch Antilles
Norddeutscher Lloyd Line 
SS Columbus

1930 Port au Prince, Haiti
Airmail to Newport, RI
Mr. L. N. Vaughan
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