Rhode Island Paquebot, Packet Boat and Sea Post Mail
1926 Packet Boat - Australia to Oaklawn, RI via Hawaii
Packet Boat Marking applied in Honolulu
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The cover above was sent in 1926 from Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia to Mrs. Leonard Augell in Oaklawn, RI. The cover traveled by Packet Boat via Honolulu, Hawaii where it entered the U.S. Mail system and  received the cancellation and the Packet Boat marking. The stamp is the 3 Penny (ultra) King George V issue of 1926; Scott #72a.

Drummoyne is a suburb in the western section of Sydney and sits on a peninsula between Iron Cove and the Five Docks Bay. It is surrounded on three sides by Sydney Harbor and the Parramatta River.

Packet Boats are government registered ships that carry mail on a regular basis. Packet mail is mail carried by a ship under contract by a post office. The Packet Mail system began in the 1840s. The "Packet Boat" marking on the above cover indicates that this letter was carried by one such ship and was received in Honolulu, Hawaii without a cancel or any mark of origin.

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