Rhode Island Picture Post Cards
Pettaquamscutt River in 1910 (Known Locally as Narrow River)
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The Post Office at Narragansett Pier was established on September 4, 1867 with William C. Caswell as the first Postmaster. The name was changed to Narragansett on January 1, 1925 and it became a branch of the Wakefield Post Office on March 1, 1930.

The Pettaquamscutt River runs from a spring fed lake behind the old Gilbert Stuart Snuff Mill and forms a small lake again past the mill. It becomes a narrow river once again after that and runs past Pettaquamscutt Shores into the Narragansett area where it passes under the "Narrow River Bridge" and then runs into Narragansett Bay.
See: Narrow River Bridge Postcard (The river runs through both North Kingstown and South Kingstown.)

From the time I was about 9 years old until I left Rhode Island in 1963 to join the Navy; these waters were a favorite of my friends and I  for both fishing and swimming. I fished for fresh water fish such as Pickerel, Small Mouth Bass and Bluegills in the lake behind the mill and the lake past the mill, (which was brackish) abounded in white perch. In the spring, we would net Buckies (Alewives) in the stream by the mill during their annual run upstream to lay their eggs. The fish could be pickled and the fish eggs (Roe) were delicious fried.

Down by the Narrow Bridge part of the river the banks were full of blood or clam worms and these were excellent for use in catching flounder. During the winter months (R months) we would gather oysters from the river. 

There was a small beach and raft in the lake below the mill where our gang liked to swim and also a beach at Pettaquamscutt Shores, (where my grandmother lived) where we also swam.  All in all, some of my most pleasant memories of Rhode Island, center around the Pettaquamscutt River. 

I have no idea what the structure on the bank in the postcard is. Perhaps someone can help me out there.

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