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Letter Mailed from Hoey's Bridge, Kenya to Providence, RI
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The Letter above was mailed from Hoey's Bridge on February 28, 1926 in what was then known as British East Africa, (Kenya and Uganda). The letter is franked with the Kenya-Uganda - King George V, 20-cent Orange Issue (Scott #25) and was marked 4 cents due on arrival at the port of New York. The two Postage Due Pre-Cancel stamps were applied at Providence, Rhode Island and are the Deep Claret, Perf 11, 2 cent issue of 1917 - Scott #J26b.

Hoey's Bridge was a small farm market town in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya and was named after Arthur Cecil Hoey who settled in the area and built the bridge named after him across the Nzoia River.  The town is known today as Moi's Bridge, (named for Daniel arap Moi who ruled Kenya from 1978 until 2002).

The area is also known for a book and a movie, "The Ghost and the Darkness." The movie is based on the true story of two man-eating lions named Ghost and Darkness by Indian railroad workers and was released in 1996. It is said that the two lions killed over 120 native and Indian construction workers in two months time while they were attempting to build a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River in 1898.

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