Rhode Island Stampless Covers & Letters
1817 Letter from Lewis Rousmarie in Newport, Rhode Island
To Brown and Ives - Providence, RI at 6 cents Postal Rate
Requests Goods and Items for Ship's Supplies
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This letter was mailed on December 20, 1817 from Newport, Rhode island to Brown and Ives - Merchants in Providence, Rhode Island. The letter contains a request for heavy duck and sheetings. The writer is Lewis Rousmarie and judging by the items requested; is probably either the captain or owner of a sailing ship. The cover contains a script postal rate of 6 cents and a very nice December 20 - Newport, RI blue cork cancel.

At the Bottom of the letter is a short notation reading:
"Wrote 18 1/2 for the item," which is most likely a Brown added note on the price they will ask for the sheetings.

Newport 19th Dec 1817

Messrs Brown and Ives

Absence from home has prevented an earlier attention to your letter of 15th inst - I know nothing of the Hiram save what has been published in the papers having received no letters.
(Note: It appears that Brown and Ives in an earlier letter to Lewis, requested information concerning a ship named Hiram.) 

I want 20 bolts more of the same quality heavy duck I had of you when last in Providence @ $21 - at that price of six months credit. I wish you to send me this quantity and if $18, same credit will answer for the sheetings, one bale of them of good quality, provided the bale does not exceed 20 pieces.

  Yours Respectfully,

Lewis Rousmarie

                                           Wrote 18 1/2 for the item
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