Rhode Island Stampless Covers & Letters
   May 7, 1834 Brown & Ives Cover - Loss of Ship New Jersey
From Ship's Factor in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Routed through Liverpool to Providence, RI

The full text of the letter follows below:

Msrs Brown & Ives
Providence, RI

                                                                               Amsterdam May 7, 1834


We refer to our respects of the 2nd last by which we mentioned the very unpleasant intelligence given by the Lloyds List of the loss of your valuable ship New Jersey in the China Sea on the 9th November and have not since seen any further details about that most unfortunate event, nor have we to acknowledge the receipt of any further of your esteemed favors; the chief purpose of the present being to advise you that we have this morning had the pleasure of hearing of the safe arrival in New Deep? of the Harvest (ship). We have a letter from Mr. Patterson Magwood handing us Invoice & Bill of Lading of 682/1 and 119/2 casks rice and 260 bales of cotton shipped to our consignment on your acct. & with which we shall to the needful, realizing them in course to the most of your advantage & in which we sincerely hope circumstances may favor us. There is no change for the moment in the state of the market since our last advice, nor have any sales of note been effected.

Hoping these lines may be in time for the London Packet of the 10th, we have the honor to remain respectfully gentlemen, Your most Obed. Servants,


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