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Stampless Folded Letter  - January 1, 1835  - New York to Providence

The Stampless Folded (SFL) Letter above was sent prepaid (Paid Marking) from New York to Providence at what looks like the 18 1/2 cent rate that was established by Act of Congress on April 9, 1816, (effective May 1, 1816) for mail traveling between 150 and 400 miles. However, the Postal Act of March 3, 1825, (effective May 1, 1825) increased the zone rate for 150 to 400 miles to 18 3/4 cents. In a discussion of the script cancellation with a knowledgeable dealer, who was involved in producing the "American Stampless Cover Catalog;" the consensus opinion was that the clerk who applied the rate script surely knew what the correct rate was by 1835 and was just lazy in his application of the mark. I have a several examples of the same script rate marking all from the New York PO; (Most likely by the same clerk). SEE: 1835 Reverend John Clark Letter. The type of New York Town Cancel and the Paid Marking in red on this cover were in use from 1835 to 1846.

The letter was sent by Jesup Swift & Company from New York, NY on January 1, 1835 to Wilbur Kelly Esq. in Providence, RI. The company was expanding and were newly established in Providence. They are soliciting new business and the letter includes a list of business references at the bottom left. A full size readable version of the letter is available for viewing by selecting the link below.

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