The DeWolf Family of Bristol, Rhode Island
Text of June 28, 1825 Letter from General DeWolf to George West
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June 28, 1825 letter - Bristol, RI
signed by General George DeWolf

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Bristol June 28th, 1825      

Mr. George West
                                 On your arrival at Trieste you will deliver my letters to Messrs P & D Ferni & Co to whom the cargo of the "Newpacket" is consigned. I have written them that I wish the sugar held till November unless a material rise should take place sooner & on which subject you will advise with them. After discharging the cargo at Trieste, you will proceed to Messina & load with barrels of fruit for this port (reporting in the manifest for Boston) the kind of quantities I leave discretionary with you, on which subject you will of course be able to get the best information on the spot. I have written Messrs Ferni to furnish you with funds sufficient to load the vessel. If on your arrival at Messina, you cannot obtain fruit & can do so by waiting 30 or 40 days, you will wait, otherwise you will proceed to Malaga & take in a cargo of Raisins & other fruit & proceed to this port. For your services, you are to be allowed 30 dollars per month, one percent on the sales at Trieste & two & a half  percent on the purchase at Messina. Wishing you a pleasant voyage & return

              I remain your friend & servant,

                                      G. W. DeWolf

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