Rhode Island Tercentenary Issue First Day Cover
300th Anniversary of the Settlement of Rhode Island
Issued on May 4, 1936 in Providence, RI - Scott #777

Unofficial Town Cancel - East Providence Branch - Providence, RI
1st John Kilton Cachet - Planty #777-61b

The East Providence Branch of the Providence Post Office was established on July 1, 1908. The Branch was initially established as the Watchemoket Post Office under Postmaster Welcome G. Comstock on April 19, 1869. The name was changed to East Providence on December 4, 1879 under Postmaster Edmund J. Luther. The Post Office became a Station of the Providence Post Office on July 1, 1907 and a Branch Post Office of Providence on July 1, 1908. East Providence Branch is currently in operation.

East Providence was formerly part of the state of Massachusetts. In 1862, the Massachusetts towns of Pawtucket and East Providence became part of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in exchange for the former Rhode Island town of Fall River.

East Providence was originally named Seekonk, (Land of the Black Geese). Roger Williams first settled there after being banished from Massachusetts, however after discovering that the area was actually within Massachusetts's boundaries, he moved across the bay to the area that is now the city of Providence, RI.

There are currently 17 Post Office branches and stations located in the Providence Urban area; at the time the tercentenary stamp was issued in 1936 there were only 14 branches and stations. Each of the branch and station post offices represented by a tercentenary cancel include a location map as below.

The 14 Branch and Stations of the Providence Post Office in 1936 were as listed below:

1. Center-station 2. Brown-station 3. East Side-station
4. Edgewood-station 5. Elmwood-station 6. Gaspee-station
7. North-station 8/ Olneyville-station  
1. Centerdale-branch 2. Cranston-branch 3. East Providence-branch
4. Riverside-branch 5. Rumford-branch  6. Saylesville-branch

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