The Hazard Family Letters 1832-1950
Poquonnock, CT May 24, 1880 Blue oval and Fancy Killer
USPS Issued Postal Card - September 30, 1875 Scott #UX5
Mailed to Messieurs Carolina Mills, Carolina, RI

Acknowledgement for ordered material to the Carolina Mills

This 1880 Postal card was sent from the Poquonnock Mills in Poquonnock, Connecticut to the Carolina Mills in Carolina, Rhode Island. It contains a confirmation of a previous card/letter from the Carolina Mills for "green material." The card was canceled with a blue Poquonnock Oval and Killer and sent on May 24, 1880. I am not sure what the green material referred to in the message consisted of, however it was obviously some type of textile material needed by the Carolina Mills in their manufacturing process

Carolina Mills was originally constructed by Roland G. Hazard in 1841. The mill was sold by the Hazard family in 1863 and in 1869 and reacquired during the early 1870s. During the 1880s the mill manufactured fancy cassimere cloth.

SEE ALSO: 1848 Stampless letter to Roland G. Hazard  for additional information concerning the Carolina Mills.

Roland Hazard (eighth generation) the son of Roland Gibson Hazard was in charge of the Hazard family business when this postal card was sent and received.

Roland Hazard was born in Newport, Rhode Island on August 16, 1829. The family moved to Peacedale in 1833, where Roland came of age. He attended Friends College (Quaker) in 1845 at Haverford, CT and graduated from Brown University in 1849. Roland was very much involved in affairs of the community and was one of the founders of the Second Congregational Church of South Kingston in 1857. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the Narragansett Library. In 1872, he was responsible for the planning and construction of the large Worsted Mill located in Peacedale. He served as a Rhode Island State Senator in 1867 and 1868 and ran for governor in 1875 as an independent, but failed of election.

Roland married Margaret Ann Rood on March 29, 1854 and they had five children; one of whom, Caroline Hazard, born on June 10, 1866 was a noted writer. She compiled and wrote several works concerning the Hazard family and "Old Narragansett."  Much of what we know today concerning the Hazard family and 19th century Narragansett is due to her efforts. 

Poquonnock is a small town located in the north central section of Connecticut above Hartford and is about 60 miles from Carolina, RI as the crow flies, (92 miles by current roads).

The Message Text reads as follows:

           Poquonnock, Ct., May 24th 1880
     Your favor of 21st at hand will forward green material soon as completed
                                                                    Yours Truly
                                                                         Funxis  Poquonnock Mills
                                                                              Per        Nortuway


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