The Hazard Family Letters        Part I       Part II       Part III

(Includes Text of Letters and Biographical Information)
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1851 Cover & Letter to H. G. Robinson
with Boston CDS (5 cts - Collect)

1851 Quaker Letter from Philadelphia
To Thomas R. Hazard - Newport, RI
Concerning Distribution of Tracts

1851 Folded Letter to R. G. Hazard
From Babcock & Stillman - Westerly, RI
Westerly CDS - Blue Grid Ties a Number 10

Eastern Express Cover - Peace Dale
Roland Hazard II to Margaret Rood
Love Letter Signed by Roland

1855 Partial Cover to Roland G. Hazard
Columbus, GA (10 Cents - Double Rate)

1880 Postal Card Poquonnock Oval
To Carolina Mills - Carolina, RI
1875 Liberty Issue - Scott #UX5

Peace Dale MFG Co. 1906
(Roland G. Hazard II - President)
To James Hunter Machine Co

1896 Martigues, France
to Roland G. Hazard II
Peace Dale, Rhode Island

1940 Nice, France
to Thomas Pierrepont, Hazard
Peace Dale, Rhode Island

First Day of Issue - Australia Nov 10, 1950
King George VI - 21/2 pence - Scott Nr 232
Sent to I.R. Hazard -  RI Stamp Collector

Part I       Part II       Part III

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