The Hazard Family Letters 1832-1950
August 16, 1940  Airmail Cover from Nice, France
Addressed to Madame Edmond Jandzier
in Care of Thomas Pierpont Hazard - Peace Dale, R

The cover above was sent from Nice, France to Madame Edmond Jandzier, (who was a guest of the Hazard family) in care of the Honorable Thomas Pierpont Hazard, (son of Roland Gibson Hazard II) on August 16, 1940. Nice is located on the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 110 miles from Martigues, France the source of the 1896 letter addressed to Thomas' father Roland G. Hazard II

SEE: 1896 Martigues, France to Roland G. Hazard II  
SEE ALSO: Reverse of 1940 Cover Above

The cover is franked with the 2.50 Franc "Ceres" issue of 1938-40 (Scott #338 Green) and the 10 Franc "Keep and Gate of Vincennes" issued in 1938, (Scott 346 brown, blue). They are tied to the cover with two Nice, France Circular Date Stamps, (CDS) with a third Nice CDS to the left. The letter was sent via Airmail.

Thomas Pierpont Hazard was the second son and youngest child of  Roland G. Hazard II and Mary Pierpont Bushnell Hazard. He was born on October 26, 1892 in Peacedale, RI. Thomas married Anne Francis Cope on May 20, 1922 and they had four children; Sophia F. born 1922, Mary P. born 1926, Thomas Pierpont Jr. born 1924 and Anne F. born in 1929. The 1930 Peacedale Census lists Thomas as an "Estate Manager."  Thomas died on October 14, 1968.

The Peacedale Manufacturing Company was managed by Thomas' father Roland G. Hazard II until his death in 1918. At this time neither Thomas nor his brother Roland III had any interest in keeping up the family business and the company was sold on July 1, 1918 to the Stevens Company. The family's other businesses; Semet-Solvay Company and Solvay Process Company were joined with three other chemical companies in 1920  and became "Allied Chemical and Dye Company," (Later became Allied Signal). Both Thomas and Roland served on the board of Allied Chemical.

The Hazard family (originally Hassard) traces its origins to Switzerland and the earliest known records tie their lineage to the Duke De Charante, (born in 1060). It is also known that they followed William the Conqueror into England in 1066 and were rewarded with an estates and titles there. The earliest named Hazard in England was Hazard De Charante born in 1080 in Gloucester Shire. The first Hazard in America was Thomas Hazard born in 1610. Roland G. Hazard II was of the 9th generation of Hazards in America.

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