The Hazard Family Letters 1832-1950
March 29, 1841 Shipping Invoice - Captain Dennis aboard the Arkansas
for Isaac Peace Hazard (Peace Dale Manufacturing Co.) Peace Dale, RI 

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March 30, 1841 New York cancel - 183/4 Rate Marking
(Looks like 181/2 - See 1836 Thomas R Hazard Letter for explanation)

The Postal Act of March 3, 1825, (effective May 1, 1825) increased the zone rate for 150 to 400 miles to 183/4 cents. Previously, (Act of April 9, 1816) the rate was set at 181/2 cents. 

The Letter contains four Invoices on one multi-invoice form with a fifth invoice left blank. Each invoice is to a different individual buyer in New Orleans, Louisiana. The merchandise, (6 bales) is being delivered by Captain Dennis aboard the sailing vessel Arkansas out of New York. The Hazard's Peace Dale Mills produced mostly course cloth goods prior to the Civil War and although not specified, they were most likely the type of material intended for use as clothing for slaves. (Linsey Woolsey)

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