The Hazard Family Letters 1832-1950
1851 Cover to Thomas R. "Shepherd Tom" Hazard  - Newport, Rhode Island 
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October 3 1851 Blue Philadelphia, PA CDS Tying a Scott Nr. 10

The Postal Act of March 3, 1851, (effective June 30, 1851) set the postal rates at 3 cents for mail traveling under 3000 miles if prepaid and 5 cents if not prepaid. The act set the rate at 6 cents for prepaid mail traveling in excess of 3000 miles and 10 cents if sent collect. The Cover is canceled with a blue Philadelphia CDS and  the stamp is the Three cent Washington Imperforate issue of July 1, 1851 - Orange-Brown - Type 1 - Scott #10.

Prepayment of Domestic Mail was made compulsory by the Postal Act of March 3, 1855. 

The letter was sent from either a Joseph Scattergend, Scathegend or a similar surname from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (Joseph's penmanship is very hard to read). It was sent to Thomas Robinson Hazard in Newport, Rhode Island on October 3, 1857 and concerns the distribution of tracts or pamphlets to the members of Congress. The letter text and dates are written in the Quaker style. The text of the letter is reproduced below and a complete Biography of Thomas R. Hazard written by his grandson Roland Gibson Hazard II is available in the Intro to the "Jonny-Cake Papers" Bio of Thomas Hazard

It is possible that the tract/s referred to in the letter concern a report that Shepherd Tom published  in 1851 that depicted the desperate conditions of the poor in Rhode Island. (In Roland Gibson Hazard II's Bio he refers to this tract written in 1851.) 

The Complete Text of the Letter Follows Below:
  Philadelphia 10 Mo 3 1851
    Thos R Hazard
        Thy letter of the 28th day was duly received enclosed $5 - for which I have sent per Adams Express 48 copies of the Exposition, 825 copies moral almanac for 1852.
        We have forwarded to each member of congress & the adjutant , a copy of the exposition, but without a circular note as suggested by three -- I think it hardly likely that the committee will think it necessary to forward to the members a note calling their particular attention to it, tho I intend to state to them thy views on the subject.
       We propose handing to each member of the legislature a copy of the work and have forwarded some for that purpose. --

In haste   Respectfully thy Friend
                                                                                                      Joseph Scattergend

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