Brown & Ives Letters        Part I        Part II

1816 Letter from Henry Sherburne
Newport , RI to Brown & Ives
8 Cent Restored rate of 1799

1817 Letter from Lewis Rousmarie
at Newport, Rhode Island
To Brown & Ives - Providence, RI
for Purchase of Ship's Supplies

1817 Letter from Lloyds of London
To Brown & Ives - Providence, RI
Appointing Brown & Ives
as Lloyds Agents in Rhode Island

1826 Cover via Ship Isabella
From Amsterdam Via Boston
to John Brown, Robert & Moses Ives

1834 cover from Ship Factor
Amsterdam, Netherlands to
Brown & Ives Providence, RI letter

1852 Letter to Brown & Ives
from Baring Brothers - London
Via Steamer America
With Attached List of
Mercantile Product Rates

1854 and 1858 Stampless Transatlantic
Pre & French Convention Mails
to Anne Brown Francis Woods

Sep 29, 1866 Via British Packet Asia
Circular to Goddard Bros - Providence, RI
Agents for Lonsdale & Hope (Brown & Ives)

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