The Hazard Family Letters 1832-1950
1840 Cover to Roland Gibson Hazard - Peace Dale, Rhode Island 

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1840 New York CDS with 183/4 Cent Rate Marking

The Postal Act of March 3, 1825, (effective May 1, 1825) increased the zone rate for 150 to 400 miles to 183/4 cents. Previously, (Act of April 9, 1816) the rate was set at 181/2 cents. 

The Marking on this cover appears to be 181/2 cents, however the rate was 183/4 cents. I have several covers from New York during this time period with a marking that looks more like 181/2 cents then 183/4 cents. 

See: 1836 Thomas R. Hazard Letter & Rate Comparison Chart for further information.

Roland Gibson Hazard, the third son of Roland and Mary Peace Hazard was born on October 9, 1801 at Tower Hill in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. He grew up in Bristol, Pennsylvania and attended the Westtown Quaker School there. He returned to Rhode Island in 1819 and assumed control of the family manufacturing business at Peace Dale. (At this time the mill's main products were course cloths such as Linsey-Woolsey sold mainly in Louisiana and Alabama as material for slave clothing.)

Roland married Caroline Newbold of Bucks County, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1828.

Roland along with his brothers Joseph and Isaac made many improvements to the mill and as a result; their trade was greatly increased. Roland also traveled extensively in the south from the mid 1830s to the early 1840s, (mainly Louisiana), where he was able to view the terrible conditions under which the slaves existed and worked. This profoundly affected him and in 1850 he gave a powerful speech to the Rhode Island Legislature denouncing slavery and the fugitive slave law.

Roland was a prolific writer and in 1835 he published his first essay, a treatise on language. He published "The Will," a book concerning free will in 1864. He published another book in 1869 concerning Causation and Freedom of Will. He was involved in the legislation for regulating railroad corporations and his speeches to the legislature in 1851 and 1854 contained the basic principles, which have since been incorporated into interstate commerce law. He was directly involved and one of the principals in building the Narragansett Pier Railroad.

Roland Gibson Hazard died on June 24, 1888.

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